American Bulldog | American bulldogee



Introduction to American Bulldog

american-bulldogAmerican bulldog is an intelligent and diversified animal that is known by so many names which included old country Bulldog, American bulldogee, AM bulldog and American Bulldogge. It got its origin form the English bulldog and came to the spot light when UK banned bull-baiting which was what the English bulldog was majorly used for.

The American bulldog is muscular and sturdy and has muscular cheeks and neck. Their head is square and broad; thanks to their size which made the head in proportion to their body.

The American bulldog has a sleek coat that is easy to groom. It is of two types. The classical or the Johnson type and the standard (Scott) type. The standard type is usually more athletic than classic type. They usually have a square head with muzzles that are a bit longer. Their diversity shows off in their ability to hunt, pull weight and their protective instincts .They are lovable, agile, could be aggressive to other dogs they were not trained with and require about one hour exercise every day.

The existence of this breed is attributed to John D. Johnson and his father. They tried their best to make sure the animal did not go into extinction.



american-bulldogFrom the various researches on American bulldog,   three theories were drawn which surrounded the existence of American bulldog. The first talked about American bulldog originating from English bulldog, while the second said that it is a mixture of breeds. The third is a mixture of the first two theories. Looking at it critically, you will discover that three of the theories were talking about the same thing.

History tell us that American bulldog is a descendant of the English bulldog in USA. Its origin could be dated back to 1066. As a result of the civil war, people immigrated to South America. They brought along their old English bulldog. The English dog was used for hunting and as a butcher dog; later on people started using it to do a blood sport which was later banned by the government in 1835. This made its usefulness to depreciate.

On the other hand, American bulldog became very popular because of its ability to chase off and protect its owners from predators. They were not considered as an actual breed and could only survive in South America because of the presence of feral pigs. During the World War II the bulldogs were nearly going into extinction; thanks to John D Johnson of Summerville who combed everywhere looking for the best breeds in order to bring the bulldog back.

While Johnson and his father was doing his thing, Alan Scott became interested in his work and decided to join him in his revival process.

Luckily, their revitalization process was a success and now the American bulldog is safe and will survive the extinction.

They are healthy and are used as pet or guard dogs. They compete in several dog sports and shows.


American bulldog is a unique breed of dog. They are powerful, intelligent, sensitive, confident and agile. It can be a loving pet and can easily get along with other pets. However, it can be aggressive to people they do not know and other dogs. It is important to teach them to socialize in an early age because of their size and strength and also to be able to respect other dogs and people.

American bulldog loves petting and does not learn well when trained in a harsh way. Training the dog requires that you will be consistent and friendly with the dog. This will enable you to get the best result you are looking for.

American bulldog can be very aggressive at times and therefore require to undergo about one hour exercise to shed off the high energy levels of them. They easily can easily get bored. They also have a very strong protective instinct and can be very aggressive when it comes to protecting the family and home they are in.

American bulldog was initially used for hunting and to work in the farm but they can be used as pet with proper training and exercising.


The American bulldog has a short and harsh coat. They come in different colours. Most commonly are white or white with patches of red or brown, black or brindle.

They seem to have varieties of colours in their body. Their ear could either be half-pricked, cropped, rose or forward flapped. They have different eye colours. The colour of their eye is usually brown, pink or white, although the pink eye is considered as a genetic error. They also have different colours of nose: black, red, brown, or grizzle; of all the colours, the black-coloured nose is the most preferred.


Despite the fact that American bulldogs are powerful and strong, they do have few health challenges that requires attention. Some of them include: elbow dysplasia, eye problems, hip dysplasia, Ichythyosis (disorder of the kidney and thyroid). They also have skin and allergy problems. The health challenges are not common to all American bulldogs. They are peculiar with certain genetic lines.

It is recommended that that you research your American bulldog breeder information and family history to know their prevailing sicknesses. A DNA test can help breeders to detect which breed of the American bulldog will be prone to Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (a nervous disorder that is associated with swelling and alteration in some retinal cell) and Ichythyosis


They will live an average life of 10-15years. It is expected that proper attention be given to your American bulldog, exercised every day for about an hour and allowed to socialize to enable it live a healthy life.


The weight of the male American Bulldog is different from that of the female. The female is a bit lighter than the male.

The male weighs between 70-120lbs while the female weighs 60-100lbs

The average height of the male American bulldog is 22-28 inches while the average height of the female is 20-26 inches