American Bully – Bully Pitbull


American Bully

American Bully History

american-bullyBefore 1990, there was no such breed as American Bully. For centuries dog fighting was legal in England and it was immensely popular amongst people of England. The most practised were bullbaiting, rat-killing & dog-fighting. In Bull baiting a bull was first chained and then old English Bull Dog will be put into pit against it. In rat killing, a Terrier would be left in the pit with x amount of rats. The terrier will stay in the pit until all of the rats were killed by the dog. In some cases there will be a set time and number of mice killed will be counted. In dog fighting two dogs will be put in a pit against each other till one of them dies.  By 1835, the government banned bull-baiting. However, Dog fighting continued, and the banning of bull baiting gave a boost to dog fighting and the popularity of this sport doubled. The preferable dogs for fighting were a cross between Old English Bull dogs and terriers that were used to kill the rats. The mix was then known as the Bull & Terrier.  In the end, Bull and Terriers gave two new breed to the world that were Staffordshire bull terrier and the bull terrier.  SBT’s were then brought into US by few US citizens somewhere around the start of 1800. The dogs gained popularity in the country within no time.  In US, these dogs started to be recognized as American pitbull terriers.   American Pit Bull Terriers played different tasks from fighting with other dogs in the pits to hog hunting, wild cats hunting, etc. American Pit bull terriers transformed into a dog with great physical strength and strong temperament over the years. American Pit bull terriers became very dog aggressive, pain tolerant, agile and had ability to fight to death.  At the same time American Pit Bull Terrier was extremely loyal, loving, playful, full of energy, and very friendly to humans. Around 1930, the American Kennel Club (AKC) registered American Pit Bull Terriers as American Staffordshire Terriers. This didn’t convince most of the Pit Bull breeders. They emphasized to call American Pit Bull terrier and American Staffordshire terriers as two separate breeds. A huge number of Pit Bulls were still bred for dog fighting including hunting as a part of their job as well. In the early 1980’s, the American Pit Bull Terrier was more of a dog for the people who were gangsters, drug lords  or so called “Tough Boys” and it lost its popularity immensely. Such inappropriate dog owners produced extremely aggressive pit bulls for certain reasons. Several vicious attacks were reported and unfortunately pit bulls were the main culprit in all of them, not bringing into account the fault of the owners. The breed was blamed for every attack, although the same breed had been the most loving and loyal family breed in the past. No one actually blame the owners who raised them up and made them aggressive on a purpose. Since that time it’s a constant battle between pit bull lovers and the critics, but it seems like critics managed to give the breed a bad reputation. This resulted in the breed being banned totally in some states of America and in countries like UK.   In the era of 90’s, breeders around the country decided to mix the two breeds American Staffordshire terrier and American Pit Bull terrier. The purpose was to create a dog that is tolerant towards other dogs, very gentle in nature. It was more of a show dog. Although most of the Pit Bulls show very minimal aggression towards humans. However, irresponsible owner ship lead to certain fatal attacks. This was also the reason to develop breed like American Bully.  It is unclear till date, what could have been the main purpose for developing American Bully. Was it just to develop a new breed or just to alter the temperament of the pit bull. Either way it resulted in form of a new breed. It is un known as when the term American Bully started for these dogs. Also who started to recognize them as a totally different breed than the pit bulls. The breed was popular amongst bully breeders and bully breed lovers. It’s gained popularity when the general public got to know the temperament and beauty of the breed around the early 21st century. American Bully breeders claim to have only used  American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers, to create American bully. However, this is far from the fact. Most of the breeders around the world agree that other dogs were used to develop American Bully.  The dogs used in the development of American Bully are Staffordshire Bull Terrier, significantly English Bulldog was used, which gave American Bully a calm attitude and big skull. The probability of other dogs used are  American Bull dogs, Bull mastiff, Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, and a lot of other mastiffs. American Bullies are also known as Bully PitBulls.

Temperament of American Bully

The main purpose of developing American Bully was to be the calmest, gentle and loving dog with a stocky build and fierce some looks. So this breed turned out to be very affectionate, loving and loyal.  If you look at an American Bully, you would see a tough looking big, stocky, heavy boned dog. That has a massive head a jaws, very similar looking to pit bull but extra-large in size. They have the best of personality & are extremely gentle and loving dogs with no aggression towards humans at all. They like cuddling and snuggling and love sitting in the laps of the owners regardless of their size and strength. They very friendly towards the family and can not be considered as one person’s dog. When it comes to children the dog has the best reputation. They are extreme softies towards children and in most cases kids have been filmed riding over on the top of them. They enjoy having bath along with kids in the tub. One of the reasons that American bullies don’t get so agitated towards children is that they have high level of pain tolerance. The naughtiness of kids such as twisting their tongues or pulling the tail doesn’t bother them at all. There are hardly any cases in which an American Bully has snapped on someone all of sudden. It possesses a calm attitude most of the times.  Most of these dogs indeed love to be around children. The dogs are aware that children can give them the quality time and can be good play mates and a great source of shedding off energy. Having said that, still proper socialisation is a must and American Bullies are known to be quite tolerant towards strangers as well. Human aggression had never been the part of the nature of American Bully nor was it in it’s ancestors. As explained earlier only when in inappropriate hands the pit bulls became overly aggressive and attacked people but that isn’t their natural instinct. A proper training can give you the best of family pet in form of American Bully. However, training is a must, although this dog is very human friendly and will not attack but with the power that it possesses a little aggression or attack can be fatal.  American Bullies are protective towards family but not in an aggressive format but in a calm assertive way. They tend to follow more of the nature of an English Bull dog and not the American bull dog. If you want American Bully to be a guard dog then a lot of training is needed. There have been reports for them to be trained as great guard dogs but it’s not recommended. It’s not recommended for one reason that American Bullies are not of an aggressive nature. But having said that it doesn’t mean that American Bully will let someone attack the family or fiends that it cares for. The statement that they can’t be great guard dogs only applies to the property it may be guarding. It can be extremely protective towards the family if any harm comes to them in it’s presence. When needed American Bully can be one of the best family protection dog and it’s not a dog that someone wants to mess with when angry.

Appearance of American Bully

The appearance of American Bully is almost same as American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier as they are the ancestors of this magnificent breed. The only difference is that American Bullies are bulkier, with a square shaped head, the muzzle is short on these dogs. They are a lot more muscular than American Pit Bull terrier and Staffordshire terrier. There are a lot of variations in the sizes as well. The American bully are not heavily wrinkled as most mastiffs but they do have some wrinkles around the face specially if they are xl or xxl bullies. Naturally the ears will fall down near the head but in most cases they are cropped in a triangular shape. The eyes should be deep, small and slightly oval in shape.

American Bully Variations

Standard American Bullies

Standard American Bully males 17-19 inches in height.

American Bully females 16-18 inches in height.

Classic American Bullies

Classic bully males 18-19 inches in height

Females 17-18 inches in height

Pocket American Bullies

Pocket American Bully males 17 inches

Female bully 15 inches.

Extra Large American Bullies

Extra Large American Bully males 20-22 inches

Females 19-21

The weight is dependent on the dog’s size they can way anywhere in between 50lbs-150lbs.

Colours of American Bully

American Bully comes in different colours, the most common are


Blue Tri Colour


Champagne Tri Colour


Chocolate Tri Colour


Black Tri Colour

Red Nose






Pie Bald

Health Issues 

The American bully can suffer from these health issues Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Demodicosis/Demodex, Mange/Demodectic, Mange Cataracts, Cerebellar Abiotrophy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy Atophy, Cleft Lip/Palette, Hypothyroidism, Ichthyosis, Luxating, Patella, Zinc Responsive Dermatosis, Congenital Heart Failure, Brachycephalic Syndrome, Gassiness, Heat Intolerance.

Life Expectancy 

American Bully can live up to 15 years.


As American bully is a descendant of game dogs, it needs to be exercised on daily basis. American bully isn’t meant for flats with no room for it to run around. It needs a space outside of the house where it can shed off it’s energy.

This breed needs a lot of physical and mental exercise and that can be long walks, taking it out on run, letting it pull the ropes, making it to run and grab different objects such as balls, Frisbee etc.