Belgian Malinois


If there was a title of “Super Dog”, it would definitely have gone to Belgian Malinois. There is nothing this dog can’t do. Basically Belgian Malinois was bred to be a sheep herding dog. But this dog’s intelligence and attitude has helped it find its way into different fields. The tenacity, intelligence and learning capability of this dog has helped it become one of the best choices for Police and other law enforcement agencies.

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois often referred to as Mals are used wherever there is a requirement of super intelligence and durability. US Army has used these dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Mals are famous for being used in the operation where Osama Bin Ladin was terminated.

Belgian Malinois originated from Malines a city in Belgium. These dogs are not imported into US from Belgium and from Switzerland too. The trademark of this breed is the dark black pointy ears. The coat color varies from fawn to mohagni. The long muzzle and sharp teeth make its jaws one of the strongest among all dog breeds.

Belgian Malinois are highly adaptable and can live in almost any environment. They need very little grooming, although they do shed. This breed is hyper active and need plenty of mental and physical exercise. So, the owner must be a really dedicated and experienced one. We will share more information about training, exercise and breeding of Belgian Malinois in future articles. So please don’t forget to visit us again.