English Bulldog | Old English Bulldog



English bulldog also known as British Bulldog has its origin from England. It is a unique breed that requires adequate attention and proper nutrition to live a healthy life.

english bulldogEnglish bulldog has unique body features which includes a tail that is wrapped in pocket forms. Although not all bulldogs have this feature, if yours have it, it is necessary that they are well cleaned frequently.

This dog does not have sweat glands all over their body and as a result tend to be highly sensitive to heat, hence keeping them in air conditioner in peak summer season is a must. 

Origin and History

old-english-bulldogEnglish bulldog is said to have been originated from British Isles and has the olde English bulldog as its ancestor. Olde English Bulldog was initially used for bull baiting and bear baiting which was banned in 1835. During the period of bull baiting, dogs were made to fight with other animals like bull, bear, oxen; both the rich and the poor used to bet and watch them fight. After the ban of bull baiting, English bulldog became rather useless and almost went into extinction. However, scientist crossbred the remains with mastiff to eradicate the bad temperament of the Olde English bulldog. This crossbred of mastiff and olde English dog developed into a new breed named English bulldog.


English bulldogs are friendly, courageous, kind and patient breed of dogs. They are wonderful family dogs, love kids and other pets. They are also good lap dogs and have protective instincts. English bulldog enjoys cold weather but have problems coping with the hot weather. They seem to run very fast and require weekly exercise. Daily exercise might not be necessary.

They do not require frequent bathing and grooming them is quite easy. Owners can just comb their hair with brush. English bulldog can be dominating, so the owner has to train the dog to be submissive. Ensure to stay in front when walking with the dog while it stays behind you because their mind is structured to believe that the leader stays in front and not behind.

They also snore a lot and breathe heavily.

Color and Variation

english-bulldogEnglish bulldog has short, flat and sleek coat with varieties of colors. They could be red, white and all sorts of different colors.

Health Issue

English bulldog just like other breeds of dogs is prone to certain health issues maybe due genetic or environmental factors.

Bulldog is a sensitive breed of dog and not all doctors seem to be familiar with them. When taking your dog for checkup or treatment especially for surgery, ensure the doctor is experienced in the treatment of bulldog and also is a lover of bulldogs.

 Ensure you take note of the sicknesses discussed below and observe your dog for any symptom for proper medication by the veterinary doctor as proper nutrition and early detection is a better way of increasing the lifespan of your bulldog.

Cherry Eyes: English bulldog is among the breeds that are easily affected by eye infection.

Cherry eyes are characterized by protruded eyes and are best treated through surgery.

However if cherry eyes is discovered on time, there is a high percentage of it being treated without surgery. Removal of the gland through surgery might result to dryness of eyes.

Skin infection: English bulldogs are susceptible to having bacterial infection especially in the face. Observe your dog for any infection and use antibiotic ointment on the affected area or oral antibiotic medication.

Cataract It characterized by blurred vision and in serious cases could lead to total blindness. As the dog passes age of 10 years they are more prone to cataract. Other eye problems associated with English bulldog include: abnormalities of the eyelids, entropion, persistent papillary membranes, corneal ulcers and dry eye caused by cherry eyes.

Chondrodysplasia: English bulldog has a high tendency of developing issues with the bones and joint like hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. They could also have patella Luxating and shoulder Luxating.

Hyperthermia:  Because bulldogs are sensitive to heat, that can lead to death in some cases.

Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism in English bulldog is caused by low thyroid levels.

Breathing Problem: English bulldog has lots of health issues which contributed to its short lifespan. They are prone to having breathing problems. Researchers have proven that their body structure such as short face and muzzle, small nose and narrow trachea are the reason for their frequent breathing problem.

Other health diseases of English bulldog are: kidney disease, blood-clotting disease, deafness, mega esophagus, laryngeal paralysis, pyloric stenosis, allergies, demodicosis, persistent papillary membrane, eversion of the nictitating membrane and urinary problems.

Also, over four-fifth of all bulldogs deliver their babies through Caesarian section. Most of them have big head which makes it difficult for their mothers to deliver through normal delivery. It is important to note that healthy feed is the best way to prevent the occurrence of this health issues. Always observe your bulldog daily to know when it’s eating well or not in order to take the appropriate precautionary measures.

Height, weight & Appearance

The bulldogs are small or medium sized although the smaller sized ones are better priced than the bigger ones. They have wide head with pointed nose and short legs. Their tails are short and either straight or screwed. They have a short muzzle which somewhat is a contributing factor to their constant health issues with their respiratory system.

The average and healthy English bulldog is expected to be between 12-16 inches in height. The healthy male weighs around 53-55lbs while the female weighs around 49-51lbs. 

Life Expectancy

Because of numerous health issues English bulldog doesn’t live for long. However, a healthy English bulldog is expected to live between 8-10years.